Intraco USA Corporation

For nearly five decades, Intraco Corporation has played a
major role in international trade.  Intraco serves as both international brand manager and exclusive export agent for many of the World’s most well-respected names in architectural and automotive glass, building materials, automotive parts, automotive chemicals, new vehicles and specialty products.

We are a diversified export and brand management service provider focused on long-term brand development in emerging markets.  With our global network and expertise, we can help build your brand and increase your marketshare worldwide.

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Architectural Glass & Building Materials

Intraco’s Glass Division continues to set the global standard for the architectural glass industry.

Automotive Glass

Intraco has grown to be a leading independent exporter of automotive replacement glass from North America.

Automotive/Heavy-Duty Consumer Chemicals

INTRACO is the export management arm for Casite®, a leading automotive, heavy-duty and consumer chemical company in North America.

General Products

We are committed to providing market research and development, sourcing and sales, distribution, marketing, management and consulting services to a growing clientele.

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